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Company in my Solitude

I’ve always been a bit of a recluse in my heart of hearts. I don’t like social occasions much, and only just about find them tolerable with a drink or two inside me. I don’t like big crowds and noise. I prefer to connect with just one or two people at a time and, even… Continue reading Company in my Solitude

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Getting into the New Year With a Swing! (Sort of…)

Well, here we are again. The season to be merry has come and gone (indeed, and as I can testify, if you were in Britain this Christmas it probably swept past, borne along by flood waters). Crackers have been pulled, embarrassing Christmas jumpers have been worn, and unwanted presents have been stowed in the attic.… Continue reading Getting into the New Year With a Swing! (Sort of…)

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It’s Not Real, but it’s Definitely True

Last month, Authors Electric’s Bill Kirton wrote this very interesting post. He was talking specifically about the fantasy genre, but he made a point that I think is relevant to all fiction: “We carry all these race memories, dreams, imaginings; we can release people and things from their restricted functions. Maybe fantasy is simply a… Continue reading It’s Not Real, but it’s Definitely True