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The Living is Easy

One of the good things about living in Italy is the general consensus that, from June onward, the weather is much too hot and sticky to keep students locked in school. By now, then, school is well and truly out, and the once-crowded school corridors are a spectral place of lone cleaners mopping the floor… Continue reading The Living is Easy

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A Potentially Controversial Post…

It’s time to don my flak jacket and helmet and try to look brave, because I’m going to talk about the potentially controversial topic of controversy. This is something of a pertinent issue for me. My novella Loving Imogen has a somewhat controversial theme, and though nobody’s complained yet, someone might. Indeed, given enough time,… Continue reading A Potentially Controversial Post…

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That Thorny Question of Ethics: Part 2

A little while ago, author Jane Steen wrote about the much-neglected question of author ethics. Events since then have proved that this vexed issue is one we all need to think about. From one author who published an account (in a national broadsheet, no less) of how she stalked an unimpressed reviewer, to another who allegedly physically… Continue reading That Thorny Question of Ethics: Part 2

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The Great Slush Pile of History

Recently I read The Black Douglas by Victorian novelist S.R. Crockett, whose works have recently been republished by Ayton Publishing. Being introduced to Crockett was an interesting and enlightening experience. Here we have an author who was, in his lifetime, as popular as Dickens. Just over a century later, he’s largely forgotten (though he might… Continue reading The Great Slush Pile of History

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It’s Not Real, but it’s Definitely True

Last month, Authors Electric’s Bill Kirton wrote this very interesting post. He was talking specifically about the fantasy genre, but he made a point that I think is relevant to all fiction: “We carry all these race memories, dreams, imaginings; we can release people and things from their restricted functions. Maybe fantasy is simply a… Continue reading It’s Not Real, but it’s Definitely True

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“Art is Magic” – Aniko Carmean Introduces her New Short Story, MIXED MEDIA

It’s guest post time, and today’s visiting blogger has a special significance for me. Aniko Carmean was one of the earliest people to befriend me when I first set out my stall in cyberspace, and she’s been a kind and encouraging friend ever since. Her blog is beautifully written and occasionally raw, touching upon all the… Continue reading “Art is Magic” – Aniko Carmean Introduces her New Short Story, MIXED MEDIA