The Quickening

The Quickening EBook CoverEngland, 1897. When botanist Lawrence Fairweather returns to his lonely Fenland home after an extended trip to Europe, he hopes for a time of peace and tranquillity. The Fairweathers are a family in need of healing, having experienced a tragedy that has left Lawrence’s wife Julia immersed in grief and their daughter Hazel unable to speak.

As Fairweather soon finds out, however, Halfway House is not the peaceful place it once was. Its lonely rooms and empty halls are thick with shadows and secrets, while the surrounding Fen crawls with menace. Julia and Hazel both seem to sense something gathering beneath the surface calm, and even Fairweather finds his rationalism challenged by a series of inexplicable events. But are the Fairweathers haunted by their own memories, or by something altogether more sinister?

A traditional haunted house story set in the Victorian Age, The Quickening explores the boundaries between perception and reality, religion and science, and truth and mystery.

Praise for The Quickening:

‘[An] absorbing psychological, supernatural, highly atmospheric thriller.’ – Author Dennis Hamley

‘An elegant, entertaining and very scary piece of writing – somewhere between a traditional country house haunting and a psychological thriller, with elements of both.’ – Author Catherine Czerkawska

‘An excellent, disturbing and absorbing read.’

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